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Brand: Omron Model: 15001
OMRON GENTLE TEMP720 ALINDAN ATEŞ ÖLÇER Official Name:  Omron Gentle Temp720 Forehead Thermometer Manufacturer: Omron Summary: OMRON GentleTemp 720 contactless thermometer is a superfast, accurate infrared thermometer with specific features to keep your baby's temperature constantly u..
Brand: Omron Model: 15010
Omron MC-520 Ear Thermometer Official Name : Omron MC-520 Ear Thermometer Manufacturer: OMRON Summary :The Gentle Temp 520 ear thermometer uses highly accurate technology and includes features such as a one second measurement and a memory for up to nine readings to track temperature changes..
Brand: Omron Model: 15011
 Omron MC-521 Ear Thermometer Official Name :  Omron MC-521 Ear Thermometer Manufacturer: Omron Summary : With an user-friendly ergonomic design for extra comfort, the Gentle Temp 521 ear thermometer is especially suitable for use with youngsters. In addition to the convenience o..
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