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Lierac Premium Elixir 30ml

Lierac Premium Elixir 30ml
Lierac Premium Elixir 30ml
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  • Brand: Lierac
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Lierac Premium Elixir 30ml

Official Name: Lierac Premium Elixir 30ml

Manufacturer: Lierac

Volume:  30ml

Summary: The product is an regenerative anti-aging elixir which gives an immediate  effect of rejuvenation.

Effects: It corrects the appearance of all signs of skin aging, repairs and nourishes devitalized skin, revives the skin's natural luminosity and radiance.

Usage:  Apply a few drops of the product to cleansed skin, alone or before the application of a cream from the Lierac Premium range.

Proper skin Type:  Dry to very dry skin, including sensitive.

Constituents: SIRT-6 Repairing Complex (3%), Black flower oils (10%), Argan, sesame, and sweet almond oils (20%).

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