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Hair Care

Hair Care
Brand: Mustela Model: 10001
Mustela Gentle Baby Shampoo 500ml Official Name: Mustela Gentle Baby Shampoo 500ml Manufacturer: Mustela Volume:  500ml Summary: This product washes and facilitates combing of hair, perfect for thin and delicate hair of new born babies and small children. Effects: It gently clean..
Brand: Mustela Model: 10002
Mustela Soothing Cleansing Gel 300m lOfficial Name: Mustela Soothing Cleansing Gel 300ml Manufacturer: Mustela Volume:  300ml Summary: This product gently and efficiently cleanses the very sensitive skin from the baby birth, and soothes. Effects: The formula of this gel contains ..
Brand: Babe Model: 11054
Anti-Hair Loss Lotion to mitigate hair loss. Highly concentrated lotion to activate the hair follicle, which strengthens, protects and revitalises the hair root. Its high content in actives stimulates hair growth, helps regulate oil excess and activates oxygenation and capillary circulation..
Brand: Babe Model: 11052
Care for oily scalps and/or seborrheic dermatitis. Mild hair hygiene that removes dandruff and regulates oil production in the hair follicle. Suitable for oily scalps and hair. Acts on flaking conditions and helps calm the itching sensation of the scalp. Its sebum regulator active ingredi..
Brand: Babe Model: 11051
Regulates oil excess. Mild hair hygiene with sebum-regulating action on the scalp. Suitable for oily scalps and hair. Brings volume, flexibility and lightness to the hair when regulating oil excess. Improves the hair's appearance. Its mild cleaning base guarantees the nurture of the scalp..
Brand: Babe Model: 11053
Indicated for the care of thin, fragile and delicate hair with a tendency to hair loss. Hair hygiene that invigorates and strengthens from the root, preventing normal and seasonal hair loss. Global action: stimulates hair growth, regulates oil excess (as this is one of the main causes of ha..
Brand: Babe Model: 11050
Extra softness for the hair and scalp Provides hygiene and protection of the hair and the normal and sensitive scalp. Hydrates and protects the hair follicle and hair fibre. Facilitates combing through its conditioning actives. Does not irritate the scalp and respects its pH level. Su..
Brand: Bioderma Model: 10066
Bioderma ABCDerm Foaming Cleanser 1litre Official Name: Bioderma ABCDerm Foaming Cleanser 1litre Manufacturer: Bioderma Abcderm Volume: 1litre Summary: A daily gentle soap-free cleansing gel for babies. ABCDerm Moussant is developed in accordance with the ABCDerm high-safety and hig..
Brand: Bioderma Model: 10068
Bioderma ABCDerm Gentle Shampoo 200ml Official Name: Bioderma ABCDerm Gentle Shampoo 200ml Manufacturer: Bioderma Volume: 200ml Summary: To gently cleanse the delicate scalps of children. Effects:  Gently and effectively cleanses. Respects the hair balance thanks to its mild..
Brand: Ducray Model: 10536
Ducray Anacaps Progressiv 30 Capsules Official Name:  Ducray Anacaps Progressiv 30 Capsules Manufacturer: Ducray Volume: 30 Capsules. Summary: It is a food supplement for seasonal hair loss. Effects:  It maintains hair density, helps normalize hormonal activity, provides gre..
Brand: Ducray Model: 10516
Anaphase+ Strengthening Conditioner 200mL  Official Name: Anaphase+ Strengthening Conditioner 200mL  Manufacturer: ducray Volume: 200mL  Summary:: This conditioner brings the vitamins and nutrients needed to maintain healthy, vibrant hair. Effects:  From the first ..
Brand: Ducray Model: 10514
Anaphase Plus Shampoo 200mL  Official Name: Anaphase Plus Shampoo 200mL  Manufacturer: ducray Volume: 200mL Summary: Shampoo to be used as a complement along thinning hair care. Effects: Its formula brings essential nutrients to prepare the scalp and fortify the hair. The An..
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